Episode description

  • Russ has a theory on why Jimmy cannot sell his house in the hottest market ever.
  • Jim talks about his days as a realtor and, during one showing, an embarrassing, painful episode
  • After the Aaron Ekblad injury, Russ remembers some bad injuries he’s witnessed, along with some of his own
  • Has Russ ever witnessed a coach telling a player to go out and hurt an opponent?
  • Which skill players in Russ’s era were hardest to contain?
  • Chris Chelios’s story about constantly getting burned by Mario Lemieux
  • Jim’s mom’s run-in with Mario Lemieux
  • Dirty hits by guys like Tom Wilson and Milan Lucic
  • Why did Russ lose his mind watching minor hockey in LA?
  • The boys give their take on the NHL’s dismissal of referee Tim Peel

Episode release

March 31, 2021

Episode length


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