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  • Our special guest is Russ’ former Leaf teammate, Gary Leeman. This week, the guys talk about:
  • The time Pete Mahovlich stepped in to save Jimmy from a beating.
  • What Gary is up to these days and where he’s living
  • Jimmy’s memory of hanging with Gary in Truro Nova Scotia.
  • Gary and Russ talk about staying involved with charity through NHL and Leafs alumni events
  • The boys talk about their times together at Notre Dame
  • And the decision to leave home to play prep school at Notre Dame
  • Riding shotgun with Bryan Fogarty
  • Memories, stories and impressions of former Leafs coach John Brophy
  • Gary talks about Russ being traded for John Kordic and how that deal shouldn’t have been allowed by the league.
  • He talks about the Leafs deal to acquire two future hall of famers completely disrupted their rebuild
  • Wait, HOW many Leafs players were smokers when Russ and Gary played???
  • Dark days in Calgary after Gary got hit in the head with a deflected Al MacInnis slap shot
  • Why Gary switched his agent and orchestrated a trade out of Calgary

Episode release

March 17, 2021

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