Episode description

  • Russ meeting Walter at the 1991 Canada Cup when he and Wayne played together for Team Canada. Walter had great sympathy at that tournament for 18 year old Eric Lindros.
  • Going for walks and telling stories with Walter and his friend Charlie Henry.
  • They discuss Wayne’s amazing, emotional eulogy.
  • How Walter was always inquisitive and genuinely wanted to get to know everyone.
  • A great story of Walter’s awkward encounter with another passenger while flying first-class and being excited to go see Wayne break Gordie Howe’s all-time scoring record.
  • How Walter wasn’t really a fan of the time Wayne bought him a brand new Cadillac.
  • How he loved to take photos…and present them to people
  • Emails from people touched by Walter’s life.
  • How Russ’ wife, Paris, basically learned the rules of hockey from Walter’s wife, Phyllis.

Episode release

March 10, 2021

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