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  • Today, Jim quizzes Russ about the info his Wikipedia page
  • What was Russ like as a kid?
  • Russ talks about days on the school yard and life playing prep school hockey in Notre Dame in Saskatchewan
  • He remembers his late father’s promise
  • Russ also talks about leaving home at 14. Was he homesick?
  • He talked about his Hounds teammates Wendel Clark, Gary Leeman, Gord Kluzak and other ND players who made the NHL
  • Russ tells a great story of when he realized he had at a chance to get to the show
  • The unusual way Russ found out he’d made the 1991 Canada Cup…and he made it ahead of two NHL superstars.
  • He remembers playing for Canada at the 1984 World Juniors and then heading straight to play at Olympics. So why were his older Team Canada teammates initially annoyed with him?
  • Why did playing in a city like New York have advantages over playing in Montreal and Toronto?
  • Russ tells a very emotional story about his dear friend Ron who recently passed away…and you won’t believe the incredible thing Wayne Gretzky did for him.
  • Is the NHL’s intense schedule affecting the quality of the performances?
  • Wait, Russ’ dream foursome includes Winston Churchill?

Episode release

February 17, 2021

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