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  • On today’s episode, Russ talks about the PGA’s Zozo Championship and the 4 day party in his backyard right on the 4th hole.
  • The guys get into the story of Mitchell Miller, an 18 year old draft Arizona Coyotes draft pick. He and the Coyotes are under fire after news broke this week about Miller’s horrible, violent, and racist behaviour toward a developmentally-delayed black classmate back in Grade 8.
  • Jim has a hilarious tale of revenge involving sports owner Bill Comrie, founder of The Brick Furniture chain.
  • Russ hates to see a good cigar wasted
  • The boys talk about the possibility of the NHL going with an all-Canadian division to get them through COVID.
  • Russ tells us which NHL goalie got burned with “The Credit Card Game.”
  • He also gets into what it’s like to be traded and the emotions that go with that.
  • and he briefly reveals his frustration with current California state politics.

Episode release

October 28, 2020

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