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  • Today, Jim and Russ look back at Canada’s incredible roster the 1987 Canada Cup. Russ has a hilarious story about a buddy who pranked him
  • making him think he’d been invited to play for that team. Russ’ Revenge was sweet.
  • Russ is not very programming or computer savvy. Not much for meetings either.
  • Alex Ovechkin likes the celly maybe a little too much?
  • Pat Maroon is a great guy with a great goal celebration.
  • Russ isn’t a fan of those Carolina Hurricane post game cellys.
  • Russ has some great memories of making 1991 Team Canada and found out he’d made the team from an unlikely source. The guy he beat out!
  • Jimmy keeps the prank stories coming with some beauties between Gord Miller and Chris Cuthbert.
  • We discuss the NHL’s Soviet invasion.
  • Why does Russ think the conditions at the US Open are a joke?

Episode release

September 23, 2021

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