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In this one, Jim describes his bad car accident this week. We discuss the Stanley Cup playoffs, with only four teams remaining and the excitement level this time of year. Russ gets into his days in Montreal that included a screaming match with Habs coach Pat Burns. There was definitely no love lost there. He also relays the story of tequila shots with Jyrki Lumme. Minnesota tough guy Shayne Churla was the ultimate “chirping wingman” for his teammates. Russ has a great take on why the retiring Jason Spezza is an outstanding hire for the Leafs. The Manson family are on opposite sides in the Edmonton-Colorado series. Russ had dinner with members of the LA Rams this week and Bones McKay, Phil Mickelson’s longtime caddy who left NBC to work for Justin Thomas and immediately wins a PGA Championship.

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June 8, 2022

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