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Theo Fleury joins us in this episode. He and Russ swap memories of battling in the 1989 Stanley Cup (Theo’s Flames beat Russ’s Habs) then being teammates two years later in the Canada Cup. Theo talks a little about the Hall of Fame, saying being asked about it is one of his least favourite questions. He discusses how he had to create room for himself on the ice by getting creative. Some opponents would get his stick work, while others would get flattery. Theo and Russ are no fans of former referee Kerry Fraser. We discuss the game today versus the game in the 90s. An amazing story about the time Alan Eagleson came out of the stands, calling a timeout and then asking the American bench to help Canada. Theo talks about how his career might be different if a star teammate hadn’t gotten injured. He also gets into his love of baseball and the Blue Jays. And finally he talks candidly about his youth and the all-too-common cycle of trauma, mental health and addiction, a cycle that came incredibly close to Theo taking his own life.

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April 13, 2022

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