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We’re joined in this one by former NHL’er Chris Nilan, one of the most feared fighters of the 1980s. “Knuckles” (or Knux” for short) has a million great stories of his life in the NHL. He talks about the Montreal Canadiens only drafting him out of Northeastern as a favour to some guy. In his rookie AHL season, Nilan remembers the one fight in the American Hockey League that won him an NHL contract the next day. He also gets into having to hold down a construction job in his first two years in the NHL. Chris wasn’t Jean Perron’s biggest fan but he and Russ both loved Serge Savard. He remembers his time playing with Bob Gainey and Guy Carbonneau, one of the best checking lines in the league at the time. Nux shares his difficult journey in overcoming alcohol and drug addictions, his rise and fall in Montreal radio and what he thinks of today’s game.

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April 6, 2022

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