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Tons of laughs in this one as we’re joined by three-time Stanley Cup winner Ken Daneyko. Ken is easy with a laugh and a force of nature in this one, bringing some great NHL stories! We discuss the game where Russ accidentally took out Ken’s teeth. Ken has a great story about Devils’ GM Lou Lamoriello and the day he helped him accept his role in the league. He discusses how the Devils’ Cup winning teams were misunderstood as being boring “trap” teams. Ken remembers the day he was surprisingly drafted in round one – before the Devils even had a name yet – and the scout who put his job on the line for him that day. Ken and Russ have some stories about Bill Watters, the agent for both of them. What is was like being a top fighter in the NHL and sticking up for teammates. He remembers the game in Toronto when Lou gave him a little somethin-somethin’ for defending a teammate. And Ken opens up about being one of the first NHL players ever to go public with entering the league’s player assistance program. Some great stories about the excellence of Alex Mogilny, a mutual teammate. And Ken and Jim remember their party days together in Edmonton.

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January 12, 2022

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