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Russ and Jungle are joined this week by Jimmy Melton, Wayne Gretzky’s personal caddy at Sherwood Country Club for over 20 years. The boys discuss how he became a caddy, and how he became Gretzky’s caddy. Melton has some great stories about caddying for the Great One, along with actors Sean Connery and Joe Pesci and the great Tiger Woods. Why didn’t Jimmy, who’s spent his life in golf, recognize Tiger at first? What did Pesci tell him that calmed Jimmy down? What did one caddy do to Connery, who was apparently notoriously cheap? Jimmy has run into a little trouble at customs over the years, trying to cross the border with things he shouldn’t have. Jungle remembers how emotional he got when he and Jimmy arrived at Augusta and how Jimmy was having none of it. Jungle has some interesting facts about hockey’s Spengler Cup.

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December 22, 2021

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