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In this episode, the boys discuss the Olympics and whether NHL players will participate, given they could end up quarantined for up to 5 weeks. They get into the trick play known as The “Michigan” and whether plays like that, including the one Trevor Zegras pulled off this week are good for the game or not. John Tortorella didn’t think so this week on ESPN. They touch on the Grey Cup game, They also get into some memorable scams they’ve been part of or heard about over the years. Russ tells some stories about his old Leafs’ teammate Tiger Williams, the most penalized player in NHL history. Would you rather play hockey in a pressure-packed NHL market or a low key one where most people don’t care about hockey that much? Is it a good idea to give the captaincy to a young NHL player? Russ has a golf game this week with former NHLer Dany Heatley. And much more!!

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December 15, 2021

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