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She’s the greatest women’s hockey player of all time, a Hockey Hall of Famer, an author, an Olympic softball player, Leafs executive and, oh yeah, we catch her the day before she begins her medical career and day one of her residency. Hayley Wickenheiser joins us this week! Jim spends a few days outlining Hayley’s accomplishments and asks about all the hats she’s worn in her career. They discuss different kinds of leadership. She and Russ get into their Olympic hockey memories, including the crazy parties in the village and which Olympic athletes could you always count on to have beer in their rooms. You won’t believe what the Russian players would do for free beer. Hayley discussed the state of women’s professional hockey and where she’d like to see it go. She talks about the books she’s written and “This is Our Shot,” the campaign she’s involved in to crush COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy. Plus much, much more!

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June 30, 2021

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