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  • We’re joined by NHL trivia expert Liam Maguire – a hockey historian, a published author, radio host, TV personality and probably the biggest Habs’ fan in the world
  • Russ relives some Stanley cup Playoff memories. But Liam probably knows as much about Russ’s hockey career as he does.
  • Liam talks about Montreal Canadiens history and why they’re regarded as an iconic franchise.
  • An interesting story about Larry Robinson when he was just starting out.
  • He also discusses the time he met Russ for the first time when the Leafs were in Montreal. Borje Salming saved Russ from getting into trouble that night.
  • Liam did something special at the Montreal Forum that no one else ever did.
  • And, back in the day, Russ spent a bit too much money on a fun night in a hotel room…and cheeseburgers

Episode release

June 16, 2021

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