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A quick review of the Wendel Clark episode
The fellas react after the Leafs’ Game 7 loss to Montreal. Why did the Habs win?
Who does Russ cheer for when his two former teams face each other?
Who does all the talking during intermissions at playoff time and what do they say?
The boys talk about tennis star Naomi Osaka who refused to talk to the media this week at The French Open. After round one, she gets fined and then withdraws.
Russ talks about his bad experience with the Montreal media, some of whom turned on him after he missed 41 games due to injury.
He also talks about his regret in going to the media with a trade demand.
The playoffs are great for Canada because 1 of the final four will be a Canadian team
Russ got #InOne over the weekend during/after a golf round with Mike Commodore
The time that Jimmy played Russ’ feisty voice mail over and over on his radio show
The boys react to their pal, Wayne Gretzky, leaving the Oilers and going to the broadcast world.

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June 2, 2021

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