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  • We’re joined today by former Toronto Maple Leafs captain Wendel Clark!
  • Wendel and Russ reminisce about their days playing together in Toronto.
  • Wendel talks about his childhood in Saskatchewan and why hockey won out over farming!
  • A hilarious story about Bill Derlago
  • Dave Lumley was always tight with a buck
  • Memories of their head coaches Dan Maloney and John Brophy
  • Russ always appreciated having such a talented linemate who was always the best bodyguard
  • What made Gary Leeman one of the best athletes the boys have ever seen
  • Why Wendel and Russ never minded the pressure of playing in Toronto
  • Wendel has a hilarious response about the classic 1993 Western Final vs LA
  • Clarkie had a good fighting history with Marty McSorley
  • Why was Wendel so late to fighting in hockey?
  • They discuss recent lawsuits by former junior hockey players who complain they were pushed into being fighters
  • Wendel and Russ swap minor hockey coaching stories and Russ talks about Auston Matthews early greatness.
  • The unique way that Wendel found out he was traded from Toronto after 9 years there.
  • What Wendel thinks about the Leafs’ playoff chances this spring
  • Some high accolades for construction of the Winnipeg Jets

Episode release

May 26, 2021

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