Episode description

  • Russ and Jimmy are joined in this episode by 10 time Stanley Cup winner Larry Robinson! The boys discuss:
  • Larry’s grass roots in hockey growing up just outside Ottawa.
  • The time Larry CRUSHED Russ in a game.
  • What is was like playing for Scotty Bowman?
  • The 3 on 3 overtimes and the one rule change that would make the NHL better and safer!
  • Some of the best fights and bench clearing brawls Larry was ever involved in
  • Having a second job to make ends meet…WHILE PLAYING FOR THE MONTREAL CANADIENS!!
  • The Montreal teammate who was, by far, the biggest prankster.
  • Who was Montreal’s greatest rival during Larry’s time there?
  • Why winning a Cup as a head coach was as satisfying as winning as a player.
  • He also gives us an update on his friend and teammate Guy LaFleur, who’s battling cancer.

Episode release

November 11, 2020

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