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  • Russ is hosting a party at his place while a PGA event is going on just a few feet away. With NHL Free agency in full swing, Russ talks about his experiences as a free agent.
  • Russ was at a family dinner at a high end restaurant when the champion Lakers walked in.
  • This week is the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Canadiens firing GM Serge Savard and Coach Jacques Demers. They brought in Rejean Houle as GM and Mario Tremblay as Head Coach. How much did all that change the course of history for the Montreal Canadiens?
  • TV Ratings are down in all sports, even though COVID is keeping more people home.
  • Russ’ daughter Ally is a model in SI’s Swim Search.
  • Russ gives some examples of crazy hockey parents, including one who probably felt terrible after his son paid for his actions.
  • Why there might not be a Tim Horton’s coffee shop chain if not for Harold Ballard.

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October 21, 2020

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