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Jim had a tough week, dealing with insurance after his big car accident. The boys talk abut the Avalanche sweeping the Oilers. They get into some of their experiences with the Stanley Cup, including Russ and his brother Geoff having a day with the Cup in Victoria to celebrate the City’s 1925 Stanley Cup title. Yes, the Victoria Cougars actually won it all. Russ thinks the Oilers need to upgrade their goaltending. In the East, Russ says Tampa looked out of sorts in the first two games. But they’re awake now and it’s going to be tough for the Rangers or Avalanche to dethrone the kings. Jim recalls the 80s Oilers who lost the 1983 Cup to the New York Islanders and how that team inspired them. Jimmy’s pal Dustin Johnson quits the PGA Tour to play in the LIV golf league. Wayne Gretzky says the closest defenceman we’ve seen to Cale Makar is Bobby Orr. Jim wonders how that will go over with his longtime hall of fame teammate, Paul Coffey. Russ is pumped for his member guest event.

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June 8, 2022

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