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Rob has some great stories from his days covering the Montreal Canadiens during the 80’s and 90’s – the years Russ was there. They talk about the Habs’ 1990 “Friendship Tour” of the Soviet Union, including the infamous final game against the Red Army when an ugly brawl broke out. Rob also gets into what it was like being a member of the insatiable Montreal media and the work that went into it. He remembers some of his other career highlights also has some great advice for aspiring young broadcasters. Jim has a funny story about Harry Neale’s prank on fellow broadcaster Don Wittman. The OHL’s Sudbury Wolves actually had a stuffed, mangy Sudbury wolf to help them celebrate goals? Rob not only covered the Habs but he’s still a pretty big Habs’ fan today. Russ talks about the good work he and his brothers are doing with the Courtnall Society for Mental Health. Rob is asked about recent allegations that some media members infringe on athlete mental health. The fellas also look at some of the top sports moments in 2021, including Montreal’s surprise run to the Cup Final. Russ’ daughters are carrying on the Team Canada tradition!

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December 29, 2021

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