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This week we’re joined by Russ’ old teammate and fellow 1983 NHL first rounder Dan Quinn. Dan talks about his dad, a former Ottawa Rough Rider; He discusses a little golf – being one of the top players on the celebrity golf tour, caddying for PGA star Ernie Els and how Bubba Watson repeatedly snubbed him. Dan recalls how intimidated he was when a 20 on 20 pre-game brawl broke out in warm up before in his first road game in junior. The boys discuss how some players used to scout other teams for information they could use to chirp opponents. Russ remembers the time Dan got off a great line about the bald guys on their team. Dan recounts his days playing with Mario Lemieux in Pittsburgh, how shy Mario was, and the night Mario was stuck at 199 points on the final night of the regular season. Russ tells an amazing story about how some players used to help out other players – even opponents – when they were close to bonuses. Referee Denis Morel was in no mood for shenanigans the night Russ returned to Montreal to face his old team. More tales of NHL initiation. And much more!

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October 13, 2021

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