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This week we’re joined by Ron Chipperfield, who was Wayne Gretzky’s captain in his early days with the Oilers. Russ talks about almost getting into a recent scrap with his “little” brother and the time he and his wife booked the suite from the movie “Pretty Woman.”. Ron discusses what Wayne was like as he entered the league and reveals one of Wayne’s odd dressing room superstitions. The boys swap some stories about Ace Bailey who perished in the 911 attack and also played with the Oilers in those days. Ron talks about his time in pro hockey in Italy where he put up over 4 points per game’ what is was like running a player agency for a long time and why a single comment from his client caused him to stop playing golf for 20 years. That and much, MUCH more on this week’s episode!

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September 1, 2021

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