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We’re joined today by Ray Whitney, the 65th best scorer in NHL history. Today, Ray is golfing his face off and also part of the NHL Department of Player Safety team. Ray discusses how DOPS makes its decisions and his role in them. Ray talks about how he was robbed of his one career NHL fight and also the hardest hit ever received. Hint: the hitter was a Hall of Famer. The guys discuss fighting in the NHL and how it still has a role in the game. They talk about the time Ray got on the wrong side of Zdeno Chara. They also discuss:
  • Ray’s days with the 80’s Oilers when he was their stick boy and his Dad was their practice goalie
  • Some hilarious pranks Ray pulled on teammates
  • A classic story of revenge on teammate Aaron Ward
  • How Ray didn’t get along so well with most of his coaches
  • memories of winning the 2006 Stanley Cup
  • and the player Ray thinks needs to be in the Hall of Fame before they even think of looking at him

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August 4, 2021

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