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  • Russ’ daughter is named to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.
  • The Stanley Cup Playoffs are upon us! The boys talk about some of the action so far.
  • Russ, who played for both Toronto and Montreal, thinks the Leafs will win, but also reminds us that anything can happen in the playoffs, especially when you have Carey Price.
  • Why is Toronto in a 54 year Stanley Cup drought?
  • Russ shares some of his playoff memories.
  • The time an NHL owner put $100,000 dollars on a table in his team’s dressing room, saying the players can have it if they win.
  • He feels like the young Leafs team of the 80s would have been a contender if the club hadn’t been so impatient.
  • Russ thinks Florida and Tampa Bay is going to be the best series of the entire playoffs.
  • The boys discuss Sam Bennett’s suspension for hitting from behind.
  • If Russ were a coach, what would he be telling his team this time of year?
  • Why is the Stanley Cup the hardest to win? Maybe too grueling?

Episode release

May 19, 2021

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