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#1 - Don't mess with us

#50 Our Special Guest: WAYNE GRETZKY...Like You've Never Heard Him!

#120: Russ Remembers When NHL Rookie Hazing Was Still a Thing

Introducing the hosts

The Suspendables is a weekly podcast hosted by former NHL star Russ Courtnall and his pal, comedian Jungle Jim Jerome. From discussing the latest stories from the hockey world, to exclusive interviews with some of the sport's worlds greatest stars, to exchanging old war-stories - The Suspendables promises to be an endless entertaining ride of hilarity and hockey secrets.

Jim Jerome


Russ Courtnall

Former NHL star

The reviews are in

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Great show! Love the old stories from Russ and Jim, anyone who is a fan of hockey should listen to this podcast! Even if you aren’t you will appreciate some hilarious stories from Russ and some what not-to-do relationship advice from Jim 😂 I’ve been sharing your podcast with all my pals, keep up the great work!!

Jon Hilarious and amazing!!

This can’t possibly be just for the boyz! Lori from Vancouver here, loved watching the Courtnall brothers in the 80’s & 90’s. Russ I think you’ve missed your calling in comedy. Man I love the way Russ and Jungle Jim Jerome bounce off each other. Can’t wait to get back to my episodes, so friggin funny. Ladies you will love this.

Lori Edgy and Lovin It

Definitely a great podcast. The two of you play off of each other so well, and it just works. I have been listening to Jimmy since Way back in the team 1200 days and this is just classic jungle.... definitely and at least my top five, maybe even top three of must listen to podcasts every week.

cpj_78 Classic Jungle🤣

Excellent podcast Jim & Russ! I look forward to every episode. The stories never get old, & if they get repeated, who cares. Looking forward to episode 100!! Great job guys!

Jeff Great stories

I listen to this podcast at work. There have been more than a few times that I’ve burst out laughing at my desk. The stories are hilarious. I still have my school girl crush on Russ!!

ForOneSix So funny!

Great show! Jim and Russ are soooooooo funny. Nice insight into the lighter side of the NHL. Bravo!!

scotmitc Hilarious!

Loving the Suspendables. Great stories from Jimmy and Russ. Keep them coming and I will keep listening.

Dany Excellant

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